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eHealth Cluster for Liverpool Vision/Mi

Mi is a Technology Strategy Board Funded project to improve Health and Wellbeing through innovation.

Liverpool Vision is the economic development organisation for Liverpool

The eHealth Cluster now has its own website. Find this at:

Digital Creativity in Disability has been given the contract to run a cluster of SMEs, larger companies and academic organisations that are interested in where technology meets Health and Wellbeing.

On behalf of Liverpool Vision DCD will be:

  • Introducing SMEs to others working in the Sector
  • Connecting University Departments with SMEs to develop products based on research
  • Organising regular events on various themes
  • Working with other organisations supporting SMEs such as the LEP and Open Labs
  • Sending out a regular newsletter with funding opportunities and conferences
  • Giving out bursaries to attend conferences
  • Running a small grant scheme
  • Placing relevant contacts and documents on a shared Google Drive

What we do and how we do it will be driven by the membership. DCD is an SME in the sector and we think we have an idea of what is needed. BUT we also know we would benefit from the wisdom of other companies and organisations.

Email and I’ll come and meet you, have a chat, and then introduce you to the other companies and academic institutions in the cluster. I’ll listen to who you are and what you need and build the cluster accordingly.

Liverpool Vision and Mi are enthusiastic about giving us the room to make some real and positive changes in Liverpool and they have the ear of the Council and the local NHS. This is a great opportunity for our sector, and DCD wants your help to get the most out it for all of us.

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